Photographers giving back

Many photographers, if not all, have a wish to be part in changing the world to a better place. So do we! That’s why we have started the Photographers Giving Back program. This program will give donations to causes which reflect the spirit of the contest.
The Photographers Giving Back Photo Award was founded in Sweden in 2008. The purpose of this event is to enhance journalistic photography and to strengthen the position for the professional photographer. It is also intended to inspire young and new photographers and get more people interested in photography.
Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to compete in The PGB Photo Award. To enter The PGB Photo Award please visit our special contest site.

Donations to The Giving Back program will be greatly appreciated and will be given out.

The PGB Photo Award depends on contributions from sponsors and revenues from side projects. The entry fees are also very important in financing the contest and the projects. The contest would not be possible without our great partners.

Sponsor and donation inquires please contact Jonas Lemberg: tel. +46 (0)70-7334600, email:

Jonas Lemberg, a news photographer since 1991, started out with a wish to make a change and make the world a better place to live. Now, several years later, he has founded an organisation with a big wish to give something back; to the photographers who work hard covering events showing injustice around the world, and also to the people depicted in the photographs.
Walter Astrada - Picture of the Year - 2008
Picture of the Year - 2008
Walter Astrada

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