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Beyond the Obvios – workshop with Sandra Bartocha & Bjørn Joachimsen

How do you feel, see and convey nature with your photographs? What is obvious – and what has to be explored and discovered? How can you make your photographs work like visual poetry rather than a mere registration of what appears in front of your camera?
Sandra Bartocha (GER) and Bjørn Joachimsen (NOR) invite to a workshop in Lofoten (Norway) March 5.–8. 2018. We will share our views, insights and skills within nature photography – and make our best to make you challenge your own creativity.

Only 12 seats available! Registration deadline is January 20, 2018.

Sandra Bartocha (1980) is a German freelance photographer and author specialising in natural landscapes, forest and plants as well as abstract work, with the specific aim of creating images that evoke an emotional response.

Bjørn Joachimsen (1967) is a Norwegian independent photographer that moves around in natural and urban landscapes with his cameras – always open for being surprised by what he can see and visualize through photographs. He tries to create images that ask questions rather than providing answers.

Our aim is to inspire you to develop your own creative style within photography – and to challenge your ways to see and convey nature through your photographs. Through patience and concentration you can observe nature beyond the obvious – regardless if we are talking about broad sceneries or intimate details.

You will be inspired by the shapes, light and the always shifting weather in the world famous Lofoten archipelago forms during the workshop. We will work together from early morning until late afternoons and even night – as the light changes. We can expect to work under the Aurora Borealis (polar light) as well – but due to nature´s inherent unpredictability we have no guarantee.

Our tuition during the workshop will consist of lectures, portfolio presentation, individual supervision and image critique in the group.
©Sandra Bartocha -
©Sandra Bartocha
©Bjørn Joachimsen -
©Bjørn Joachimsen
©Sandra Bartocha -
©Sandra Bartocha

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