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Láhko National Park & Svartisen Glacier Workshop 2019

Photographer Bjørn Joachimsen invites to a special workshop for photographers who want to experience a very unique and wonderful landscape in Norway. Photographers (amateurs and professionals) who work with traditional film are invited to explore the photographic opportunities and improve their style and technique during a 5 day intensive workshop.
The Arctic Circle divides Norway in half at it’s narrowest point, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and Sweden to the east. Láhko National Park is located right there, with its spectacular marble and limestone formations (karst formations), surrounded by mountain peaks and glaciers. It is here that we will have our five-day workshop with daily outings to this unusual and spectacular landscape in the center of a country that is beautiful wherever you look. We will also spend a full day by the Svartisen Glacier, which stretches itself almost down to the sea in Meløy municipality. One of our workshops days we will also go to visit interesting and less known locations in Gildeskål.

His sense of adventure and exploration, excitement and enthusiasm will rub off on you, but you won’t need his inspiration to ignite yours; the area is sure to engage you from the moment you step into it.

Most of the time we stay outdoors with our cameras for field work. We spend as little time indoors as possible. You should be devoted to nature as well as photography to take part in this event.

The workshop is a perfect time to delve into Bjørn´s and your own choices. And it’s a perfect opportunity to refine and expand your photographic vistas. It is also a good opportunity to get to know people who share your interests into analog photography and nature.
Bjørn Joachimsen - Láhko nasjonalpark i Nordland.
Láhko nasjonalpark i Nordland.
Bjørn Joachimsen
Bjørn Joachimsen - Gildeskål i Nordland
Gildeskål i Nordland
Bjørn Joachimsen
Bjørn Joachimsen - Láhko nasjonalpark i Nordland
Láhko nasjonalpark i Nordland
Bjørn Joachimsen

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